The UK Government has announced “further funding to help raise educational standards, improve services and provide practical support to children with SEND.”

This includes the Government re-awarding “current contracts and grants which enable schools, colleges, families and local authorities, to support thousands of children with SEND. This includes extending an advice helpline and increased funding for local parent carer forums, support to improve how councils provide local services and improved training for education staff in working with children and young people with specific needs such as autism.”

  • Family Fund: £27 million awarded to Family Fund which “supports low-income parents raising children with serious illnesses or disabilities”
  • Providing up to £17,500 for each Parent Carer Forum (an increase of £2500 compared to 2020-21)
  • Funding has been extended for: Council for Disabled Children, Contact, Kids, National Network of Parent Carer Forums, Whole School SEND, Autism Education Trust, Education Training Foundation and Family Fund

The aims of the £42 million funding are:

  • Targeted support: monitoring, support and intervention to improve local authorities and partners’ delivery of statutory SEND services, with an emphasis on underperforming areas;
  • Direct support to schools and colleges: to help them work effectively with pupils with SEND; for example through training on specific needs like autism.
  • Participation of parents and young people: to ensure their effective involvement in designing SEND policies and services, including in response to the pandemic, and to ensure that they are able to access high quality and impartial information, advice and support
  • Quality of family life: to help low-income families with seriously ill or disabled children with the cost of equipment, goods or services – from washing machines and fridges to sensory and educational equipment that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

You can read the full Press Release here.

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