Life’s been very hard and very different for us all over the past year, due to COVID-19.

There are positive signs we might be nearing the end of the pandemic, but our world has changed.

Future Rutland

We need a new plan for the future…

So, we want to start a conversation with you, to understand:

  1. What you value most about your life here in Rutland
  2. What your expectations are for yourself and your family
  3. What your expectations are for future generations

To take part in Future Rutland, please visit their website.

We’re asking themed questions:

  • Your life in Rutland – from 1 April
  • Leisure and recreation – from 6 April
  • Environment and climate change – from 12 April
  • Getting around – from 12 April
  • Health and wellbeing – from 26 April
  • Learning, skills and employment – from 26 April
  • Living in Rutland – from 10 May
  • Public services, and how we spend your money – from 10 May
  • Keeping the conversation going – from 24 May


If you have any questions please email them at:

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