The government has pledged to focus £700m in catch up funding for education in England on disadvantaged children, as schools and early years settings recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Children & Young People Now have reported on the “Recovery Premium”:

  • One-to-one and small group tutoring programmes is another focus of the government’s efforts to help schools and colleges recover
  • The one-off recovery premium is worth £302m. The average primary school will receive around £6,000 extra while the average secondary school around £22,000 more. The government expects schools to use this premium money to boost summer provision, such as additional clubs and activities.
  • Schools will also be expected to use “evidence based approaches to supporting disadvantaged pupils from September”, according to the Department for Education.
  • Of the remaining £400m, half will be used to boost tutoring in schools  and language development in early years settings.
  • The other half is for schools to develop face-to-face summer schools. The government expects these to initially target incoming year 7 pupils.

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